The Perfect Snake Game

If you love this game, than you will enjoy in this perfect snake game.


The Stairs That Take You To Where You Started – Incredible Illusion

These stairs of a new building in Rochester, USA, designed by architect Rafael Nelson Tagalog Aboganda make everyone scratch their brains rattled. How is this possible??

How Things Have Changed Over The Years

We know that things are changed a lot over few years, and all these photos can show that. You can see how some thing looks like many years ago and how they looks now. These are really amazing photos from past and from these days.

Tricks For Your Brain

Read the description above each picture and try to see in the picture:



Attempt can count how many black point

How Motorcycles Work

Motorcycle engines work the same way that car engines do. They consist of pistons, a cylinder block and a head, which contains the valve train. The pistons move up and down in the cylinder block, driven by explosions of a fuel-air mixture that has been ignited by a spark. Valves open and close to allow the fuel-air mixture to enter the combustion chamber. As the pistons move up and down, they turn a crankshaft, which transforms the energy from the pistons into rotary motion. The rotational force of the crankshaft is transmitted, via the transmission, to the rear wheel of the motorcycle.


True Facts about Mornings

The morning is very hard part of the day. These are the sad and true facts about mornings that we all know. You can try to to make your morning different.

4 Reasons Dry Ice Is Awesome

Many people in the world don’t know what dry ice actually is, just like we don’t but we know that dry ice is really cool! Dry ice is the most awesome substance on the planet. If you know what dry ice is, can you tell us? Until that, just look why Dry ice is so cool.

How Large Is The Earth

On this magnificent gif you can see how big Earth is and how there planets around Earth are big. This is an amazing fact which many people don’t know. We all need to know where we live and to know at least something about our Earth. Under the gif you can see all Earth fact, Polar Radius, Equatorial Radius, Mean Radius, etc.


The Earth has:-

Polar Radius: 6,356.8 km (3,950 miles)
Equatorial Radius: 6,378.1 km (3,963 miles)
Mean Radius: 6,371 km (3,958.75 miles)
Mean diameter: 12,742 km (7,917.5 miles)
Equatorial circumference: 40,075.02 km (24,901.24 miles)
Surface area: 510,072,000 km2 (196,939,900 miles)
Volume: 1.0832073 × 1012 km3
Mass: 5.9736 × 1024 kg

The diameter of the earth at the equator is 7,926.41 miles (12,756.32 kilometers).